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How to book your pitch &

How to contact Wye Meadow Camping


To book your pitch at Wye Meadow Camping for the Hay Festival,  please complete our web base form


Click here –"Web Booking Form" to open the form in a new Window. Fill in all fields relevant to your booking and submit the form.

Please provide as much information as possible to help us make the best arrangements for you and for our other Festival guests.  Use the “other “section of the form to let us know information that may be helpful for us to know.  For example, if you are likely to arrive late on the busy Bank Holiday Friday evening, please indicate when you expect to arrive.

After submitting the form, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail. Its arrival lets you know that your form has been successfully been submitted.  (Please note that the auto response is being blocked by mail servers such as .hotmail, .msn, .live, .aol and similar - so if you send one of these addresses as your preferred e-mail address,you will not receive an auto reply.)

Once received, we will process your booking as soon as we can after that.  The next e-mail you get from us is the important one. It confirms that your application has been successful and provides you with a unique booking reference number that provides you with evidence of your booking.

If you want to book for, say, camping only on both Festival weekends or if your party involves a different configuration of pitches than is allowed for by the form, please submit additional form(s) to match your needs. If you send us more than one form, please use the “other” field to draw our attention to the fact that your forms should be linked to each other, particularly if you submit them at different times)
Before you complete the form, we would strongly suggest you:

  1. Check your pitch requirements against those described.  See the first Camping Page.
  2. Check there is current availability of the pitches you want on the nights you want to camp. You can do this by downloading the current Availability Chart from this web site. If your preferred booking includes Saturday 23rd May or Sunday 24th May Please check the Bank Holiday Availability Listing first. Please quote any booking reference given for the Bank Holiday Pitches.
  3. Check the price of your camping again the Quick Fee Checker on page 2 of the  Wye Meadow Terms pdf download.
  4. If you are booking for a group with a requirement for multiple pitches, please bear in mind that only pitches of the same type (except when they are Double Standard or Standard pitches) can be adjacent to each other or in the same row.

Please submit a completed form as soon as possible to make sure of your place at Wye Meadow.  All bookings will be processed in strictly chronological order against the date & time stamp of your submission.  If you are unfortunate enough to try and book on days when we are already full, you will receive an e-mail back from us explaining that and offering you our best current alternative. This may include asking you if you would like to go on our waiting list for the days involved. Every year some campers on our waiting list get places because those already booked find their circumstances changed and are forced to cancel. If you have a confirmed booking and are unable to fulfil it, please let us know so that those at the top of our waiting lists might benefit.

Advanced bookings will be accepted upto 16:00 on Thursday, 14th May. After that time the form will no longer be available on the web and in the event of pitches being free it will only be possible to register for them on-site.

No deposits are normally required for bookings of less than £300. All camping fees payable in full by cheque or in cash when checking in and before you pitch up.  You can also pay your fees in advance of your arrival directly into our account but you must do so by Friday, 15th May if you choose this option.  No refunds will be made once campers have checked in and paid.


If you have any queries or think we may be able to help at any time, please e-mail us or call 01291 629379. During the Festival, please text or call 07836 500021.

Before getting in touch, please check to see if the answers to your questions are not already to be found on the FAQs web page.  It has been built up over several Hay Festival seasons in response  to  queries about camping  with  us.

If you have any questions after reading the Camping and FAQ's sections or have a query about the booking  form, please send an e-mail to and Paul or Barbara will answer them for you.

The only time the Wye Meadow Camping Crew are to be found on site in Hay is during the Festival and the time spent preparing the site for the arrival of campers - so you'll need to contact us at the above addresses and numbers. Please be patient when you make contact with us; we have normal our day jobs to do during the rest of the year.

The Wye Meadow Crew look forward to welcoming campers who have stayed with us before back to the site and to meeting campers new to Wye Meadow.

Martin Paterson's Wye Meadow Panorama


Martin Paterson's Panorama of Wye Meadow during the 2010 Hay Festival

Thanks also to Geoff Buckeridge of Netmill UK for the booking form


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