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Welcome to Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a consultancy business. It is dedicated to working out the best new ideas and to providing fresh approaches - all in the cause of helping client organisations scale new heights of performance.

Use these web pages to explore the services that have already benefited our existing clients and consider how they might be relevant to you.

Voting makes a real difference

Listed high in the Peak Performance portfolio of consultancy are activities based around the Interactive Presenter™. A powerful presentation & voting system, the Interactive Presenter™ is developed by our Finnish partners, Dolphin Interactive. Peak Performance skilfully and enthusiastically deliver services employing hard won expertise in the use of interactive voting technology. If you hold meetings with from 20 to 2000 people, may be just once in twelve months or perhaps, 365 days a year, it's more than likely that you could benefit from its use Find out more on the in-depth section of the site dedicated to the Interactive Presenter™. .

Enabling Health and Social Care Challenges to be addressed through the adoption of technology.

Peak Performance works with all parties involved - technology companies, academic bodies and care providers - to face up to today’s new care challenges of with innovative solutions made possible through advances in technology.  Providing an understanding of the markets and the opportunities and enabling effective implementation are how Peak Performance uses its knowhow and international consulting network to deliver results to this set of its clients. See the section on Consultancy


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