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This section provides access to items on the Peak Performance site that are not part of either our Interactive Presenter™ or Consultancy sections. Some are about very serious issues - some are frankly trivia - some do not fall into either category. They are is no particular order. We hope you'll think they are worth a visit.

About Peak Performance

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Issues of our time

In this section we draw your attention to what we think are some important areas of concerrn in today’s society.  Some are closely allied to assignments undertaken by Peak Performance .  We do not pretend to have all (or in some cases, any) answers to the issues raised in this section .....but that makes it all the more important to raise them here and discuss them universally until solutions  are found. Click on the below headings to read more

-1- Living Longer- What an opportunity! How will we cope with it?
-2- A healthy future anchored by better Public Health and responsible Personal Health
-3- Which way to a better, more equal society?

Enjoy the Hay Festival by camping on its doorstep

We have been enthusiastic Hay Festival supporters and friends for many years now.  Wye Meadow Camping is a business in the family that provides camping to festival goers just for the duration of the Hay Festival. It is not part of the Peak Performance business, but because it only lasts for ten days, it is convenient for the Wye Meadow Camping to run off the Peak Performance Website.  To find out more click here for the Wye Meadow Camping Home Page (also view 2009 pictures of Hay via the album page)

Peak Performance Client  support  

Files will be uploaded to the“More” section in support of projects for Peak Performance clients.  If you are a client looking to download a file from us, do not worry - we will e-mail you instructions as to how to view the files made available for you here.

Sources of Help & Hints for Performance issues

Click here for some a few references you may like to follow up . Current issues covered include: Memory & MindMaps, Presentations & Questions


This is where you can access to other things we’ve enjoyed or want to draw you attention to that may be aren’t always as serious as anything that falls into the above categories. Includes some quotations and albums. Click here to reach the Extras page

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