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Find out how Peak Performance can help your event benefit from the use of this exciting system.

The Interactive Presenter™: Simple but effective

Like all the very best ideas, the Interactive Presenter™ is simple in concept & delivery. - Every audience member has a keypad and is able to use it to answer questions posed by the session's presenter. 

  • Everyone in the meeting is actively involved
  • The presenter learns about the audience from their voting responses
  • The audience's understanding and recall of the presentation’s messages are improved as a result of their active participation in the session.

The web pages in this Interactive Presenter™ section tell you about

  1. The ways in which the system works and the benefits it offers
  2. Peak Performance Interactive Presenter Event Services and how you can utilise them
  3. Sales and Support of Interactive Presenter™ systems for your own organisation
  4. The background to the system and outline technical information

The dynamics of the Interactive Presenter™ results in an audience being more completely engaged. It gives instant feedback. It helps create consensus. It generates excitement and fun.  It provides data to analyse and use in future sessions and elsewhere. It can also seamless integrate other computer programs and/or a full range of multimedia resources within any presentation or sequence of presentations.

Quite simply, with this system you'll be able to give your most powerful presentations yet.

The Interactive Presenter is a development from those technically savvy Finns at Dolphin Interactive oy.  They offer either a simple PowerPoint plug-in or fully featured 3D software. The system comes packed with features & uses the very latest wireless technology to ensure super fast voting, even for very large numbers of delegates.  Peak Performance is proud and delighted to be the UK partner of Dolphin Interactive.


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