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Peak Performance clients have covered a wide range of geography, industries and disciplines

About Peak Performance

Peak Performance is the consultancy business established by Paul Brown in 1991. Our business focus is reflected in our name. We help clients achieve better results through improved performance. This is frequently realised through the successful adoption of new technology. Many Peak Performance clients are themselves innovators, bringing the benefits of new technology to the world. Our constant belief is that the challenge of summoning up the extra effort to perform at our best pays off in the long run in both our money and spiritual banks.

Peak's clients have included companies and organisations from the US and Europe as well as across the UK. They have ranged from multinational, blue chip companies & public sector bodies to SME's and charities. Peak Performance assignments have been for enterprises involved in a wide range of activities: automotive, business services, education & training, financial services, government, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, professional bodies, pharmaceutical, publishing and travel & transport.

A special interest has been the improvement of healthcare through the adoption of technology. The explosion of medical knowledge and the ageing population throws up major new challenges to healthcare systems in the western world and beyond. From 1996 - 2002, Paul was the joint founder and the Executive Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Electronic Health Records (CAEHR). Under his guidance CAEHR acted as a facilitation organisation for people from across Europe interested in achieving better healthcare by the implementation of e-Health

There are Better Ways to Communicate with an Audience

As a result of seeing the benefits that the use of the Interactive Presenter™ brought to CAEHR conferences and other events with large audiences, Peak Performance established a special relationship with Dolphin Interactive of Finland, the developers of the Interactive Presenter™. The Interactive Presenter™ permits active participation with attendees at a meeting rather than the conventional passive, listen and hope you absorb involvement. Its proper application is a classic example of how best to use technology to improve outcomes. Key areas of work for Peak Performance include facilitation using the Interactive Presenter™ and working with clients to help them get better presentation results with the techniques available from this exciting interactive technology.


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