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Scenario 1: You need to deliver an Interactive Presentation to ensure the success of your event or project.    


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Voting gets your delegates involved

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Peak Performance will work with you to prepare interactive presentations that target your objectives head-on. Together we will develop the killer questions you need. Peak Performance will also assist you on all aspects of the presentation where you need consultancy support. For example, you may need to make skilful use of the ”background” analysis facilities that can help you understand how and why your audience responds to your messages in the way that it does.

Before you deliver the presentations, we will be on hand to rehearse you in the skills of delivering an interactive presentation. We will provide the Interactive Presenter™ equipment necessary for the session and make sure that all goes according to plan. After its finished, you will have a comprehensive breakdown of exactly how participants voted prepared for you.

Scenario 2: You need Peak Performance to prepare and deliver an Interactive Presentation for you.
At your request, Peak Performance develop and deliver an interactive production that falls within their range of competencies. You initially approve a project plan and prototype and leave the rest to Peak Performance. You’ll review the final presentation before it is delivered and agree any adjustments. The session is conducted for you by Peak Performance. This includes providing the Interactive Presenter™ software and hardware on the day. Afterwards you get a full report on voting outcomes.


There’s no better way to ensure delegate involvement over a day or the days of a conference than to adopt an interactive approach to proceedings.

We have prepared a seven page guide to using the Interactive Presenter at Conferences. You can download it from here or by clicking on either of the first two pages of the guide to be found on the right hand side of this page


You’ve a special presentation to deliver that you want to make maximum impact. Identify three, four or, at the most, five key points you need to get across.   Make sure you get every member of your audience thinking about them by posing questions about each of the key points.

Include questions in your presentation:

  • To gain and keep attention
  • To understand what delegates already know or feel about topics presented.
  • To test delegates understanding of ideas put forward in presentation.
  • To judge how attendees feel about the subject

To visit the web page where you can download our "Question Guides" that illustrates the range of different ways you can present and use questions with the Interactive Presenter™, click here


Once you have identified the main issues and the options surrounding them, this technology is perfect for facilitating balanced discussion amongst large groups, boards or committee.  Everyone’s views are taken into account, each opinion counts and the dominance of the most talkative is minimised.  Priorities can be easily identified and clear decisions can be reached.

You can ask Peak Performance Consultants to facilitate a session for you or they can work alongside your chair to ensure the success of the process


Interactive quizzes can be developed so that they are both great fun and an effective learning experience. You can recreate the original buzz of programmes like “who wants to be a millionaire” under your own roof with our event service.  Peak Performance already has a number of generic trivia quizzes on stock.  You can work with you to develop a completely new quiz that exactly fits the needs of your occasion.  This service can also include conducting any original desktop research necessary.

Quiz competitors can be individuals, predetermined teams, or teams resulting from an initial vote.

Pure Electronic Voting for Elections. Motions, Debates, Group Decision Making & Opinion Seeking

You need straight forward electronic voting -nothing more; nothing less.  Peak Performance has discovered that one man’s concept of “straight forward electronic voting” may be different to the next man’s idea.    The powerful and flexible software available with the Interactive Presenter can be made to satisfy all requirements – Just tell us what you need and we will provide you with the voting facility you need, together with clear evidence of the voting outcomes.


If you'd like to know more about our Interactive Presenter Event Services or have an exploratory discussion about how they might help your organisation's next event, please make contact with us today.



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