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If you do not need a system full time, find out how Peak Performance can help your event benefit from the use off this exciting system.

Do you want to regularly present interactively in house? 

Peak Performance has been working with partners, Dolphin Interactive, developers of the the Interactive Presenter™, since the beginning of the Millennium.  We act on their behalf in the UK and Ireland.  If you are interested in using the Interactive Presenter™ in your organisation, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you, Through demonstration you'll be able to see how they can be met by the system. We can then arrange for you to receive a proposal that matches the needs identified.  All purchases are made directly with Dolphin as the producer of the system.

Once you have your own system, Peak Performance aims to help you maximise the return on your investment.  We will advise you on implementation and on best practice.

Training & User Support

Training modules developed by Peak Performance in the UK cover:

  1. Using the system’s range of software to build interactive presentations and
  2. Delivering presentations with Interactive Presenter™
    They can also be tailored to meet any specific requirements of your organisation.

To find out more please contact us today.


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