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The Interactive Presenter™ runs various voting & presentation software offerings >The two main programs are the 3D Interactive Presenter & the Interactive Presenter PowerPoint Add-in


      Dr Ripatti
Dr Ismo Ripatti of Dolphin Interactive:
The Visionary behind the Interactive Presenter™

About the Interactive Presenter™  

The Interactive Presenter™ is a development from those very technically savvy Finns at Dolphin Interactive oy. Their best of breed presentation and voting system comes packed with useful and powerful features.  It uses the very latest wireless technology to ensure fast voting, even for very large numbers of delegates. 

All software runs on a Windows platform.  The system design allows up to 2000 keypads to be supported in a single session.   The maximum range of the RF version of the system is between 120 & 150 metres.  A version of the Interactive Presenter™ using SMS technology is also available.  The Interactive Presenter™ has built its reputation by being a robust and very reliable system.

The Interactive Presenter™ was the brainchild of the Dolphin CEO, Dr Ismo Ripatti. Dr Ripatti is a practising clinician who has for a long time been involved in Medical Education using multimedia. Early on he recognised the benefits that interaction brings to teaching medicine in student classes. As a result of his energies, awareness and boundless enthusiasm, the Interactive Presenter™ is now used around the world, particularly for medical education and pharmaceutical training.

Product development takes place in Kuopio the home of the Interactive Presenter™ as the vision and imagination of the Dolphin team continue to produce an on-going stream of valuable new features and facilities.

There are a number of Dolphin websites you can visit to find out more about the Interactive Presenter™, its technical profile, the philosophy behind its development, some of its many uses and other facts and figures. The and sites include voting simulations that you can try.

Peak Performance are the UK partners of Dolphin Interactive. To find out more please visit our Interactive Presenter web pages or contact us by e-mailing today.


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