Interactive Presenter Keypad What a difference the Interactive Presenter can make...........
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  • Questions stimulate thought and make sure that the most important messages you have to get across are also those that are best remembered. They do so by directly involving and ideally challenging audiences to give definite consideration to the issues involved. The best questions tap into existing knowledge and thinking, building on what the members of audience already have in their minds. Find out about the broad range of questions formats possible with the Interactive Presenter™ by clicking here.

  • Immediate feedback to questions is normally provided on screen and shared with all. The Interactive Presenter™ also generates a weath of data for analysis after the event. Sometimes it is useful to compare one group's voting with the responses from another. Click here to learn about response screens, reporting and analysis.

  • Create consensus. Make decisions based on the knowledge or approval of key groups. Get feedback on how the audience as a whole or identfiable subsets of the audience feel on vital issues. Browse further on this link

  • Expect voting to generate energy & fun. Put Interactive Presenter™ keypads in the hands of your audience and you generate an expectation of involvement.. Ask the right questions and include a little humour and you'll find the least responsive, most conservative audience suddenly become energised and very involved. Click here

  • What presentation power does the Interactive Presenter put in your hands in practical terms? Find out about the broad range of questions formats possible with the Interactive Presenter™ by clicking here. But it's not only questions that the playlist of the 3D Interactive Presenter software handles effortlessly. Use any other Windows program you need to get your message across. For example, you can incorporate, graphics, PDFs, video & audio files, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets in Excel and web pages. All can be run logically and seamlessly throughout your presentation to ensure the most powerful aids for delivery. No worries about breaking the flow of your presentation. The Interactive Presenter™ playlist neatly joins them all together and lets you manage them to the best effect.

  • Use familiar PowerPoint skills but add audience participation to them. Running late but need some questions put into the presentation? With Interactive Presenter's PowerPoint add-in including questions in your .ppt presentation is quick and easy. Read more about it by clicking here.

  • So now you know some of the differences the Interactive Presenter™ can make but....When should you use it? When does the return on effort make it worth while using the Intereactive Presenter? Who uses it and how? How can you take advantange of the system.. Find out more click here.



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