Interactive Audience


The PowerPoint Add-in

The fastest way to add questions to your presentations


It may be that you already have a stock of PowerPoint presentations that you regularly use that and you’d like to quickly introduce some interactivity to.  The Interactive Presenter Power Point add-in is your solution.  We won’t pretend that it is either as powerful or as flexible as the 3D Interactive Presenter software and of course, it doesn’t have the 3D capability but it offers almost instant audience presentation interactivity when you need it quickly..

Utilise PowerPoint skills you already have
Participation generates learning energy

Quickly make your existing PowerPoint presentations interactive with the Add-in

Some Interactive Presenter users like to start by using the add-in. When the add-in is installed with PowerPoint, it has its own drop down menu that makes it seem very familiar to someone who is preparing an interactive presentation for the first time. If your requirements are simple, it is likely that the add-in will provide all the question power you need. PowerPoint presentations with add-in questions can, of course, always be dragged and dropped into the playlist of the full Interactive Presenter system. From there they just run as other playlist items.




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